July 8, 2019

Lavazza serves the accessory of the summer at Wimbledon

By fashitect In Lifestyle, United Kingdom

Lavazza serves the accessory of the summer at Wimbledon

Lavazza serves accessory summer Wimbledon Tennis 2019. It’s that time of year again. When the sun is shining, everyone is out socialising at events and we all need that refreshing drink. I had the pleasure of being invited to the 2019 Wimbledon Tennis Championship to launch the New Lavazza Iced Cappuccino.

Slender, tall and full of gold glamour, the canned Cappuccino will be the scene stealer of any
fashion photoshoot and is the ultimate summer accessory for all fashionistas. The drink fits
perfectly in your bag, straight off the cooling shelves and is designed to give you that premium
Italian lift to start your day. Thanks to Lavazza’s expertise and mastery, this product is the most
sophisticated, refined and premium canned coffee product on the market. It is an elegant and
stylish product that everyone can have the pleasure of tasting and holding in their hands.

As the official sponsor of the world’s most prestigious Gland Slam, Lavazza’s staff were out in full
force giving away delicious free samples around the beautiful Wimbledon grounds. If you’re there
you won’t miss it, the stylish Lavazza truck is greeting your day with the ideal premium Coffee we
all love. We started our day at the Lavazza Suite, enjoying the Aperitivo moments, having a
delicious lunch and then went off to Centre Court to watch some all important Tennis. For those have not been too Wimbledon, it is the ultimate Summer event for socialising, enjoy watching professional Tennis Players and the community gathered together to celebrate the annual competition. Some of the words to describe my experience is immersive, iconic and thrilling.  There are lots of stalls, restaurants, Tennis Courts and people from around the world united to enjoy the traditional games since 1877.Lavazza Suite at Wimbledon Tennis

Italy’s favourite coffee Lavazza is synonymous with quality, coming from over a century of passion
for coffee, experience, research and innovation. Since 1895 the Lavazza family is devoted to the
pursuit of coffee perfection. True Italian coffee taste: our passion, your pleasure. Noble Italian
taste, Intense espresso shot, Blended with milk.

A delicious and intensely rich espresso shot blended with milk and chilled to perfection
Grab your iced coffee and enjoy on-the-go or serve over ice for the perfect afternoon pick-me-up
Enjoy the distinctive flavour of robust Lavazza Italian Roast coffee whenever and wherever you are
with Lavazza’s indulgent new Cappuccino Iced Coffee. A deliciously uplifting espresso shot is
balanced with velvety smooth milk and blended to perfection, serving up the characteristic flavours
and aromas made famous by the Lavazza master coffee experience with an icy twist. Take on the
day with Lavazza and enjoy delicious Italian iced coffee on the go. Now available in Sainsbury’s for
£1.70 or online at Ocado for £1. Not only is it iced… its elegant, sophisticated and indulgent with
Lavazza’s characteristic blend of Italian roast coffee. Per/w 250ml: 153kcal (8%), Fat 3,0g (4%),
Saturates 2,0g (10%), Sugars 22g (24%), Salt 0,37g (6%).

What to wear at Wimbledon Tennis?

The attire for Wimbledon was smart casual, simple, light and comfortable. Make sure your choice of clothing is casual, relaxed and weather appropriate, as it may be rather hot and you will be out most of the day. White summer fedoras are often recommended as it can be rather sunny. Lighter colours, such as whites, beiges and soft pastels were a common favourite to wear during Wimbledon as inspired by the Tennis players. Whites will reflect against light during sunny days, compared to darker shades like black will absorb heat, making you feel hotter.

What not to wear at Wimbledon Tennis? 

Clothes with large branding and political slogans are forbidden. Torn jeans, running vests, dirty trainers and sports shorts are outright banned for Debenture ticket holders. Tailored shorts are permissible. Some hospitality areas prohibit jeans and trainers and the dress code is also stricter within the Members Enclosure – where men must wear a lounge suit or tailored jacket, shirt, and tie. Women should avoid anything too tight or short – simple, classic looks are encouraged. If you’re honoured with an invite to the royal box you must stick to a strict dress code.This includes a demure dress for ladies and a jacket, tie and proper shoes for men.

Wimbledon Tennis Championships Centre Court

Wimbledon Tennis Championships Centre Court

Lavazza's launches new Premium Iced Coffee Cappuccino at Wimbledon Tennis

Lavazza’s launches new Premium Iced Coffee Cappuccino at Wimbledon Tennis. Creative Direction @Fashitect

Special thank you to the Lavazza Team for hosting me during my time at the Wimbledon Tennis
Championships and for sponsoring the content created in this Article.

Make sure to follow @Lavazzauk Instagram. Official Coffee of Liverpool FC, Arsenal FC, Wimbledon Tennis Championships & Royal Ascot. (Read more about my trip to Ascot)

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