March 6, 2018

Redken Brews stylish gentleman’s guide to haircare & styling products 2018

By fashitect In Grooming


We all secretly like to get pampered, that’s right guys. Welcome to the 21st Century.
Whether you get your haircut at the Salon or at the Barbershop, Professional haircare Redken has made your grooming
routine a hell lot easier, in the comfort of your own home. Revealing the rennovation of the brand Redken Brews,
where barber boy style meets Salon quality. USA’s no 1 professional hair brand is now Accessible to the UK and global,
didn’t life just get a lot more exciting? Whether it’s the customer service, revitalising hair wash or looking red
carpet ready after you’ve had your haircut. Making sure you maintain the appearance and find the right products for you,
tested by yours truly to give you the best result. Here is my guide on
getting your perfect look that suits you. #redkenbrews


New york Crafted, barber inspired, as presented in the beer bottle packaging and innovative design.
Whether you’re an artist at heart,taking care of your identity starts from the top. Making sure you
nourish, cleanse and refresh your hair to look more radiant as soon as you leave the shower. Includes
Protein complexes, to give you the extra nutrient benefits to prevent from heat and weather damage.

The Mint Shampoo is my personal favourite. The refreshing menthol scent helps scalp stimulation & soothes, whilst strengthening
and nourishing my hair.

3 in 1 Shampoo is a practical one for Gym users & travellers. Compact with 3 purposes, it’s quite a miracle that you can get
soft cleansed skin, whilst using the same product on hair and conditioning from head to toe.

Daily Shampoo. If you’re looking for the everyday kind of cleaners, this one includes Malt to strengthen and nourish hair,
in a lightweight formula.

Daily Conditioner. It’s a given that you shampoo and then Condition. It’s great to detangling long hair, moisturise and
includes Malt to strengthen and nourish hair, in a lightweight formula.

Silver Shampoo. Ideal for men that have gray and white hair. This product gradually reduces unwanted yellow tones.


Working with Redken, as a brew boy ambassador is definitely one of my biggest highlights of my career.
As for myself, my hair is probably the most important thing from since I was young. Growing up with
Salon experiences, family run businesses, I can remember the style transitions over the years. I would
like to say change is always for the better, especially with the help of the diverse products to choose
from. They convey different personalities and a crown that you own personally, so wear it with proud.


It’s clear to see, diversity and functionality of the Redken Range is marketable at different hairstyles.
Even I myself, didn’t think it was possible to create four complete different looks with the range of 4 pomades,
styling creams & hairspray’s for the maximum control. Whilst testing these products, it is key to see if it
styles, lasts throughout the day and washes out easily. Even with my thick, black hair type, they’ve ticked all
my boxes. The pomade scents are lightly fragrant, easily applicable and has the extra shine, especially when
you want to rework the style from day to night. It come’s down to the technique, finish and quality to make
sure moulding different hair types works for you.

Moulding Paste: Definitely one of my favourites. I use it for pre-styling whilst I have wet/dry damp hair. It’s great
for moulding your hair in a specific direction, especially as my hair gravitates over my face. Using a comb and hairstyle to
stroke the roots backwards, whilst leaving my hair with a natural finish. Then simply apply your Pomade of choice.

Hairspray: There is definitely no limits to hairspray, but a little goes a long way. Generally 20-30cm or an arm’s length away,
simply spray over your styled hair. A slight scent of cotton candy. The consistency is not sticky on hands, and will not leave
any additional substance, or flakes. Definitely a thumbs up for being one of the few Hairsprays dedicated for men.

Extreme Gel: Some may say Gel is a think of the past, but the high shine adds class to your hairstyle if it’s done right.
I generally use a comb to show the definition in the hair strokes with the Gel, after applying the pomades. Definitely
has long last control throughout the day.

Shaving Cream: provides protection for an extras close and comfortable shave. Moisturises skin whilst grooming and is an extra bonus
for those with a sensitive skin. Apply Redken’s Beard Oil before, and use cold water to close doors after shaving.

Filming Location: Radio Salon, Kingscross & shooting Remedy Hair & Nails, Isleworth.

Model, Art direction & Photographer: Toni Tran @fashitect

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