November 13, 2017

Stylish designer guide to packing for your next holiday

By fashitect In Fashion Editorials, Spain, Travel

For many of us, we pack last minute and forget a thing or two. The key is to be prepared for next time, especially with the help of
online shopping by Farfetch, Ssense & Forward. Key statements and essentials that will never go out of trend. Having chosen a selection designers from Farfetch,
I’ve made it easier for you to be inspired and discover these brands for your next trip.

Rick Owens Collection @Farfetch- A guy that likes a unique twist with minimal staples. Simply Monochrome & neutral shades.
Stella McCartney collection @ Farfetch- Definitely a crowd pleaser with statement designers, and bold textures.
Maison Marginal collection @Ssense The cool guy next door, mixing up Sports luxe with today’s modern gentleman.
Dsquared 2 collection @ Zee & Co- Adventurer/ Explorer Gentleman. An outdoors kind of guy, but no means style is from the moment you wake up.
Sacai collection @ Forward A guy with personality, confidence and likes to be the trendy one in the group.
All of these designers have key items with personality that will be spice up your existing wardrobe. The versatility of styling
these garments are endless, as long as you follow the right tricks of my five stylish guide checklist to packing for your next holiday.

1. Colour theme and coordinate. I generally limit my wardrobe to 4 colours when it comes to a trip. It makes it easier for coordinating an outfit and mix and match your items even if you’ve worn them before.

2. Plan an outfit a day: I always tend to plan in advance, but if you have little time, just pack enough items for the amount of days you are on holiday.
Think about where you will be going, evening dinners, occasions and events you may be attending.

3. Practicality: You may think everything is an Instagram haven, but make sure to check the weather. Nothing more practical then dressing for the right occasion.

4. Be comfortable: If you are travelling for hours, make sure to bring the right footwear! I would advice sneakers for the rocky roads, cliffs and you will thank me after your trip! A sweater in the night adds an extra warmth of layer and can be styled in several ways.

5. Accessories: Take the extra mile and make an effort with the little details to your outfit. Purchase a local treasure to remember your experience and be a part of the culture, it makes that photo a little extra special. A destination like no other.

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