October 3, 2017

Ermenegildo Zegna 5 New Fragrances Elements of Man

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Ermenegildo Zegna 5 New Fragrances Elements of Man | The Life Collection.

What makes a man, masculine? Do you define him based on his appearance, personality or how strong he is?
For our generation, there is no pressure to sustain the stereotypical image, as there is no correct answer. It is
a learning progression to understand and acknowledge values through the stages of a man’s life.
Pushing boundaries is no limit when it comes to the Ermenegildo Zegna’s Life Collection.
Ermenegildo Zegna Parfums introduces the Elements of Man, 5 new fragrances to represent
and convey the masculine attributes. It is a destination, a cultural essence that unites us all together,
unique in their own perception, but united as a form. There is no limits to define the word, but a
journey to create the gentleman’s lifestyle. For me, a memory of the scent will always remind me of
my destination. I have chosen Zegna Elements of Man Wisdom, based on the fresh ingredients &
citrusy notes of Mandarin & Winter Lemon. Discover your #ElementsofMan.

Ermenegildo Zegna Parfumes introduces Ermenegildo Zegna Elements of Man: The Life Collection. This collection of complex and fortified blends was curated for the sophisticated individual, embodying masculine attributes such as STRENGTH, PASSION, INTEGRITY, TALENT, WISDOM. Just as each fragrance is a unique blend of robust scents, so is each man an unparalleled combination of defining elements.

An evocative fragrance that romances the balance of mind and matter to reveal the contrasting aroma of herbal Clary Sage blended with the candour of fine Pink Pepper Spices. Summer-ripe Pimento Berries are cooled by the shade of lasting green notes as the constancy of Amber is made potent by pure African Geranium

An enlightened fragrance that resets the logic of natural sophistication as it elicits the clarity of vivid citrus, the luminous notes of Italian Mandarin & Winter Lemon enshroud the thrilled peaks of Green Verbena. Thoughtful Coriander Leaves entwined with French Lavender and abstract Neroli branches crown the furrowed notes of steely Musk.

A powerful fragrance that elicits the poetry of forces within and sparks to ignite every day with vigour. The tenacity of Tobacco Leaves fuses with rich gourmand notes of Golden Honey. The flesh of ripe Apricot brings out the depth of Agarwood while deep Smoke penetrates the intricate woven chainmalle of Pine Needles, encasing a core of burnt musk.

An artful fragrance that ascends undeniable greatness and displays the crisp invigoration of Asian Zuzu, freshened by strokes of bright Sichuan Pepper and Bergamot. The purposeful smokiness of Black Tea seeps deeply into the canvas of Patchouli stretched over a robust frame of Cedarwood.

An intoxicating fragrance that beats like a heart without constraint, exuding the resinous potency of Olibanum, deepened by the spirited notes of Rich Rum and Smooth Cognac warmed over a steady flame. Invigorated by Exotic Saffron, Amber is sumptuously present through the vivid during radiance of fire glow.

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