September 28, 2017

Instagram locations to visit in Hong Kong

By fashitect In Hong Kong, Travel

Recommendations. Probably best asking the locals. I’ve soon turned away from Google
typing ‘what to do in Hong Kong’ isn’t generally the top of the tower, when it comes
to places you’re not interested in. You will tend to get the tourist destinations,
the cliche backdrops, which isn’t to my personal take of shooting locations with outfits
kind of blogger instagram scenarios. Fair enough if you want to tick off the bucket list,
but what is travelling without creating the content and photos that memorises your
experience in a country? Take a selfie and buy the t-shirt whilst you’re at it.
Instagram has become my search engine for finding new destinations, there is so much
you can do in a short period of time, so here are my highlights for the key instagram
locations in Hong Kong to explore. Visually, Hong Kong overall is a picture perfect
moment in itself, but never everything is found on google. These key locations have
been trending on social media but not on google. I tend to collate and save to my
travel folders the places that I want to visit, generally it’s for the gram. Best
searching for ‘discover Hong Kong’ on Instagram or any related influencers from the
country. They tend to tag the locations, which is great to plan your locations in advance.

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