July 17, 2017

Hong Kong’s most luxurious Hotel: The Upper House

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The Upper house through my own experience, is a movement towards the modernised
progression of the future generation of hotels. Opened in 2009, the newest entry of the top 10 leading
luxury hotels of Hong Kong, it is no surprise it competes with the traditional and well established
worldwide brands. Having stayed at many luxury hotels in my work time, the concept
and architecture angles really distinguish the stunning city landscapes that is thought
out as soon as you enter the reception escalators. From the fabrication to the concept,
to the entertainment & dining services, it is the perfect place for business trips,
reunions and where stylish occasions comes together. Informal, efficient, and comfortably
elegant, the feeling to be relaxed like you are at home, accompanied by the services of
the helpful staff. You really feel like you are in you’re own urban retreat in the calm
atmosphere of The Upper House, with location efficiency of the Pacific Place, Hong Kong.

The journey flows around the central core of the lifts, leads into the warm ambience
atmosphere pathway to the suites. 117 guest rooms, including 21 suites and two penthouses,
with the choice of Studio 70, Studio 80, Upper Suites and penthouses. The use of fabrication
and materiality, embraces the modern use of wood panels, glass and limestone, giving it that
Artistic touch. Entering into the Upper Suites, designed to have corner views,
each room has it’s geometric form with the layout, making it feel very spacious yet practical to
manoeuvre. The furniture is a key placement that always looks like an art piece in an exhibition,
specifically chosen by Andre Fu, to showcase sculptures and installations. The window framing
structure has the multi purpose of a seating area, table storage and the wooden element,
which is consistent through out the furnishings.

Architecturally designed by Hong Kong Architect Andre Fu, every aspect of The Upper House,
embraces the city and benefits of the natural light with large window views. Offering perspectives
of the Hong Kong Victoria’s harbour landscapes and the Peak’s beauty, the cornered spaces gives
you the best of both angles. If it’s you’re first time in Hong Kong, the city landscape is like
legoland blocks, tall skyscrapers with glass panelled gridlines, which is quite mesmerising to
stare at first glance. His distinctive style, is showing to be an international recognition with
his unique projects all around the world.

Café Gray Deluxe, the signature restaurant of Hong Kong chef Gray Kunz.
Located on the 49th floor. As Food porn is officially in the dictionary of shut your mouth
and taste the delicious food, after taking a photo of the presentable dish of appetisers,
fish/meat dishes. Then you have a reason to book in advance and cherish the moment with
corner booth views, central dining spots and music to your ears. Enjoying beverages at the
Cafe Gray Bar with a view has become a highlight to dining out experiences.
For the alternative outdoor spaces, the Lawn located on the 6th floor is a
secluded green space, the idea outdoor reception to enjoy beverages out in the open air.
Embracing the pleasant surprise set amid Hong Kong’s stunning architecture, with outdoor seating and bar.

The concept of hierarchy, leads you from the bottom towards the top, hence The Upper house is a
journey into your temporary home. Away from the hustling city of Hong kong, you get the most
amazing perspectives from all directions. Staying at the Upper Suite, you can see why I didn’t
have a reason to leave. However, if you feel the need to wander away, metres from the hotel is
the Pacific Place Retail Mall, literally in the same premises, just on lower ground. The relaxation
mode is switched on as soon as you find yourself in the aromatic bath tub, surrounded by pure
silence and bliss. Add a few bubbles, serve champagne and enjoy the fresh cleansing moment.

”The name The Upper House is derived from the design philosophy of an upward journey through
Pacific Place above the bustling city to a serene house of intriguing spaces, natural materials,
and subtle yet playful lighting.”

Address: Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Hong Kong
Website: http://www.upperhouse.com/

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