May 27, 2017

10 questions to consider when buying the ultimate designer Men’s Travel Bag & luggages.

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If you’re coming to the post wondering about Men’s bags, luggages
perhaps this will inform you on my approach to investing in the ultimate designer one.
I love a man bag and frankly you should too after you see this Article.
Perhaps you’re yet to be convinced why a right man’s side and ultimate
accessory will complete your daily commutes. I always say travel in style,
and I am glad to finally invest in the bag for my travelling lifestyle.
After considering on many websites and designer shops, I have considered to
share 10 easier steps to make you’re decision much easier for your next designer purchase.

The Tumi Continental Carry-On from the iconic 19 Degree Aluminium.
Exceptionally striking up close or from a distance, this super durable
carry-on boasts a modern silhouette with fluid looking, strategically
contoured angles. Ideal for the frequent traveler, it is designed to
meet most domestic carriers’ carry-on guidelines and offers a roomy
interior for several days of travel. As with all metals, wear and tear,
including nicks, dings and slight denting, is to be anticipated and
carried with pride for a journey well-traveled.

Whether you’re travelling abroad, out the office and need the gentleman’s
eye opening briefcase, then the Hugo Boss Bags are the one.
I mean, look at it? The embossed croc definition that screams out shine and
luxurious-ness. It made me feel very sophisticated, powerful and a grateful
owner of this bag. Designed with so much craft and character, even the suede
lining is a great fabrication against by laptop.

What questions to consider if you are thinking about buying a MAN BAG/LUGGAGE:

1. STYLE: Firstly categorise your preference with the style options: Rucksacks, briefcases, messenger bags, holdalls, luggages.
Considering that fashion is a statement, but how far is too iconic wit the logo branding and prints? Will you wear this again in a few years time?
I would advice going for something classic, elegant and suits your personality.

2. PRACTICALITY: Does it hold your accessories, laptops, chargers and daily essentials? What is the purpose of buying a new bag?
Will it protect your bag, particularly depending on the interior lining?

3. DURABILITY: The more you invest in quality, the longer lifespan you will have with this.
You are building a journey and relationship with the bag that will be with you in all situations. Make sure it is built to last,
no one wants a bag strap that breaks. Think about the material and weather conditions it may face.

4. WEIGHT: The luggage limit can come at a costly affect on the overall overload. It is always advised to pack less, because the credit card doesn’t spend itself.
If it is a bag you are carrying all day if you are travelling, make sure it’s saves a few KG off your shoulders and prevent hand cramps.

5. LIFESTYLE: Does it suit your everyday needs?
Business man? Fitness Junkie? Daily Explorer? Traveller?

6. COLOUR: Is it diverse enough to style for everyday? Are you going for a more classic and elegant look, or something with personality?
There are always many colour options, but I’d say go for more classic shades like Black, Brown or even Blue.

7. FABRIC: I would always go for leather, as it’s easy to clean, ages with time and is a tough.Aluminium: Super Stylish, elegant and sleek. Downside may have scratches through transaction, however the metalic aluminium is designed to embrace this so its not that visible.

8. SIZE: There is no point getting a bag that fit’s your phone, make use of the room and storage inside.
The little compartments that makes it easier to organise your products. Whether it’s a laptop, chargers, gadgets or camera gear,
have a bag that fits everything you will need to make you’re life easier. It is always better to have more space than no space.

9. PRICE: Set yourself a budget, or even save up for you’re gift because you deserve it. This
bag will no doubt serve you well, through tough days and long hours, the more you invest, the
more you will feel happier to have in your lifetime. Quality, craftsmanship and design comes to mind first, but if you’re into designer accessories, there are many to choose from.

10. PHOTOGRAPHIC-NESS: Clearly, everything we do is picture perfect and if you’re willing to spend
an investment into the ultimate Man’s bag, well then you better show it off! What meets the eye comes down to our personal approach to your own man bag!

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  1. Sascha Venus May 29, 2017

    Great guide and just in time for me as my travel bag just broke!
    Amazing visuals as always by you Toni!
    Cheers from Germany,
    Sascha Venus


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