September 23, 2016

L’Eden by Perrier Jouët experience in London

By fashitect In Alcohol, United Kingdom


The Global Lifestyle experience lands in London: L’eden by Perrier-Jouët

From Miami to Tokyo, the world’s first Bio-responsive Garden opens in London
between two of the worlds cultural weeks, London Fashion Week & London Design Week.
L’Eden by Perrier-Jouët is an immersive experience around a completely new
vision of nature and an unexpected contrast in the urban city of London. As
an Ambassador for Perrier-Jouët, I got to experience the enchanted forests, from the
16th -25th September, which is now open to the public from the 23rd-25th September 2016.
Curated by Bompas & Parr, to give you the interactive experience, whilst having
a glass of the finest Champagne. An virtual eye opening journey where technology meets the
human senses, and a multi-functional social space to network. PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY.



L’eden is named after the exclusive Eden Cellar in Epernay, the home town of Maison
Perrier-Jouët where it’s rarest and most prestigious Champagnes are kept. The beauty
of nature and the space echoes the Art Nouveau inspiration behind
Emile Galle’s iconic Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque bottle which she designed in 1902.
Perrier-Jouët is the most exclusive luxurious House of Champagne, which
has been crafting wine since 1811. Benefiting from an exceptional vineyard,
Perrier-Jouët is known for the finesse of its wines, fashioned with the
expertise of just seven cellar masters in 200 years history.
Walk among the world’s first bio-responsive garden by Bompas and Parr…

Inspired by Perrier-Jouët’s links with design and nature, Bompas & Parr
have collaborated with TenHertz and Petra Storrs to create an enchanting
vision of Eden using bio-responsive technology. Let the force be with you,
at you walk among the mechanical plants where the touch of magic is in
your movements. A unique experience to feel like you’re a magician or
the ultimate 21st century wizard.




The Perrier Jouët Champagne was a perfect combination
to compliment the dining experience. Being
one of the lucky 20 digital influencers to experience the
specifically curated selection of mouth watering dishes.
Not only was I hungry, but the presentation was superb,
creative, (perhaps too good to even eat, before that photo
opportunity). Using organic and fresh ingredients to
embrace the natural essences of the L’eden environment.


Sponsored by to Drink responsibly.
Creative Direction: Toni Tran
Photographer: Abdel Abdulai

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