September 9, 2016

Menswear 2016 trend: Styling Suits & Sneakers

By fashitect In Fashion Editorials

This is no Platform 9 and 3/4.

Sometimes in life, you just have to cross some boundaries.
Even if it means attempting to break the rules, just for that
instagram. We’ve all done it, standing in the middle of the
street whilst a car honks at you. I decided to take it to
another step and do Train Style, the new street style without
roads. Of course, I wouldn’t risk my life that far, but YOLO?
Being in fashion, it’s made me choose different choices, as
we all want to be unique, not quite chelsea boots, ripped jeans
and a white t-shirt kind of guy. It’s been a questionable
decision, but have I managed to convince myself with confidence
with styling platform sneakers and suits?

IMG_0106 copy
1 copy
2 copy
2016 platform sneaker of the season. Yes its the Alexander Mcqueen
Extended Sole Sneakers. Stepping into the premium level of footwear,
where the price tag has more angles than the world. The classic
style is elevated with a chunky rubber sole that features a
built-in-wedge for height and comfort. The sports luxe appearance
will modify you’re day time attire, from tapered jeans to trousers.
Available at where urban meets premium and luxury
designers in one place.

Photography: Kim Assemat @kassemat

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