July 31, 2016

10 Reasons to book Four Seasons George V Paris

By fashitect In Hotels, Paris

Bonjour Monsieur, welcome to Four Seasons George V Paris…

1. Honey I am home! That feeling when you get out of the Parisian Taxi, as the doorman takes
your luggages; is the moment you can say I’ve arrived for just two nights. I could seriously get use to
entering a revolving door, gradually revealing the grand entrance of
Four Season George V in Paris. Greeted by the blossoming scent of Jeff Leatham’s
array of Artistic direction, now we’ve marked Spring in 1/4th of the seasons.
The crystal glass chandelier is just mesmerising, more sparkles than I have seen
in my lifetime; I have yet to even check in. You can tell it’s my first time in a
grand Hotel when snapchat (@Fashitect) get’s a bit obsessive. Here is my experience
and a peak into the luxury lifestyle living in a 5 star that we could all dream of.

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George V
2. That showroom tour. The Deluxe Suite begins with the marble bathroom, interactive TV
screen on the mirror that I have no clue how to change channels, I mean how convenient
that the news is on? The red wine bottle awaits your arrival, ready to my screwed and
poured, the fresh fruit and chocolates are eaten before you get to the window view.
I woke up here, facing the opposing Four Seasons residence in a Parisian style floral
balcony, and the centre court yard down below. The fresh pale green palette and interior
decoration was so grande, clearly Louis XVI styling nailed it to his finger
tip. Perhaps the best mini bar I’ve ever seen, them little alcoholic beverages and the
variety of crunchy snacks for a late TV movie. Who needs to explore Paris at this rate?

3. Breakfast in bed? A lottery like menu for breakfast had been checked
off the night before, ready for a knock on the door the next morning. A mobile
kitchen on wheels, with an extra table, ready for the instagrammable breakfast
spread that has everyone going envious for. Normally one croissant & coffee
will do for me, but a basket of freshly baked fresh pastries, a option for sweet
and savoury dishes to compliment, why not it was only two of us. If you’re
looking for an alternative, the downstairs buffet will melt your heart out.

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IMG_8331 copy
4. Restaurants. A selection of beverage and dining services are of course on the
ground floor,even if you’re not a resident, the 3 restaurants, lounges and bars
are of course available to experience. Just make sure reservations are booked
in advanced.Le Cinq, Le George & L’orangerie, La Galerie, Le Bar & Private Parties
are an option for the best Michelin Star French cuisines.

5. Dining at L’Orangerie, which I liked to say was in the marble conservatory,
where natural lighting was our friend, and complimentary Sunglasses to wear if the
Summer sun was too bright. (Now we’ve marked Spring, Summer 2/4 of the Four Seasons).
Not only did we have one waiter, but two! I got to try the ‘Taster Menu’
(that ended up to be 2 extra additional dishes recommended by the L’Orangerie
Master Chefs). You can imagine what the best food coma feeling must be like
after the 9 or so more exquisite Art palettes. L’Orangerie is an extension of
La Galerie and our third signature gastronomical restaurant. Chef David Bizet’s
menu exemplifies the traditional French contemporary cuisine “of elegance,
refinement, femininity and respect for nature.”

6. Service. Needless to say I was continuously saying ‘merci’ (thank you) repetitively
for every kind service the staff offered, especially as they make you feel like a king
to this palace. Can we talk about photos before food? Look how amazing the selection of
sculptural and delicately decorated the food styling is. The hospitality was honestly
amazing, no wondering Four Seasons hold’s their prestigious name. Expect an average of 2
hours to digest and enjoy conversations over the selections of beverages.

7. Location. Feeling like the king of the castle, the surrounding area is situated in the
heart of Paris, with rooftop views from the Penthouse. With the most upscaled part of the
city, designers stores are at your footstep in the shopping district- The Golden Triangle:
Avenue George V, Rue François 1er and Avenue Montaigne. More importantly, it’s just two
blocks from the Champs-Élysées and walking distance to Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower,
Place de la Concorde and all the other Paris attractions you dream about.

8. The Penthouse Suite. Not many people get to step foot in the particular sanctuary.
Or neither did I think places like this existed from the grounds below. It’s literally,
the whole floor of the hotel on it’s own, no wonder the elite have floor plans built
like a house. Mesmerised by the continuous room flowing door to door, a discovery into
Narnia’s wardrobe and the grandest decoration you’ve ever seen. There was more chairs
than the football stadium. Elegant, welcoming and completely memorable, The Penthouse
imparts the sense of staying in a private Parisian residence. The Penthouse features
luxurious finishes and furnishings, sumptuous amenities, and breathtaking views of
the City of Light, including the Eiffel Tower from your own private terraces.
9. Spa & Gym. Just incase you feel that you’ve gained to many calories, the additional
services are there to relax and escape from the noise. Personal quiet time at the saunas,
jacuzzi and swimming pool. There are extra Spa treatments: It’s described as “a time to
de-stress both mind and body with a relaxing, detoxifying or energizing massage enhanced
with Sodashi’s Wholeness, Purity and Radiance ritual. Natural essential oils treat your
specific body-care concerns, promoting an immediate feeling of well being.” 50 Minutes = 195EUR

10. A memory for a lifetime. There is nothing better than having an experience to
share and to remember. Knowing that it is only a 2 hour train ride from London, it’ll
feel like I will be home in Paris regularly. Thank you to Four Seasons for inviting us
as guests, all views are my own & assistant photographer Koen for working together.

Website: http://www.fourseasons.com/paris/
Address: 31, Avenue George V, 75008 Paris, France

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