May 9, 2016

HP Spectre 13 Windows 10 The world’s thinnest laptop

By fashitect In Technology

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They say size doesn’t matter. Since you want to compare: how thin is the thinnest new HP Spectre? Measuring only 10.4 millimetres thick (0.41 inches) or shall I say thin? The total weight of the notebook is just 1.1kg (2.45 pounds) quite the lift off some keys at your finger tips. Followed by the competitor, with a thickness of 13.2mm- you can say it’s the elections for electronics, HP has my vote. For a travelling blogger like myself, the HP Spectre 13” Windows 10 has made my life easier when working on the go, especially as I can put it in my man bag. Practical, stylish for both the personal life and for work, the power and performance will get you through your busy workdays. For entertainment reasons, to the desk free Netflix and Chill mode, perfect for presentations with the Powerful Intel® Core™ i5 and i7 processors deliver superior performance. From the insta-blogger (yes that is me documenting the event as the Gig sound check begins) to the business executive and mobile professionals, the HP Spectre Pro 13 G1 will be available from July 2016. From a design perspective, the craftsmanship has the Artisan finish, that is pieced together than just manufactured to show the credibility of precision. The engineering and visual appearance has the copper design to add to the premium finish to bring the personality to life. Time to upgrade from your vintage Windows 95 to the Windows 10 Pro don’t you think? Quite the transformation as HP has definitely designed the best notebook yet.

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To celebrate the HP Lounge and the release of the premium notebooks, for one night only, Aluna George followed by Jack Garrett plays a live and exclusive intimate Gig in London (May 4th 2016). Playing their highly followed music streaming service, dancing to their famous records and the sound of the new singles previews from their album. Just like the first glimpse in the gig, the HP Spectre has the sound of the Stereo speakers by Bang & Olufsen and with HP Audio Boost technology. A combination of hardware and software to give customers the depth they want, it the click of their fingertips. With the exclusive opportunity to preview HP’s latest range of Premium PC devices, both the gig and the first sneak at the event was not to be missed. The device has up to 9 hours battery life, vibrant Full HD IPS display for crisp pictures & have designed a smooth ventilation system for the breakthrough hyperbaric cooling technology from Intel® to actively draws cool air in, rather than just venting heat out.


The 13.3” diagonal HP Spectre is available is available from July 2016 in the UK with a starting price of £1149 (as seen above)
The 15.6” diagonal Intel-based HP ENVY x360 is available from July 2016 in the UK with a starting price of £779
The 15.6” diagonal AMD-based HP ENVY is available from July 2016 in the UK with a starting price of £599
The 15.6” diagonal HP ENVY laptop is available from July 2016 in the UK with a starting price of £699
The HP Spectre Pro 13 G1 is available from July 2016 in the UK with a starting price of £999

In partnership with HP UK
Assistant Photographer: Abdel Abdulai & Carsten Windhorst
Creative Direction & Graphics Designed by Toni Tran for HP.

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