May 3, 2016

Sheraton Soma Bay Resort, Egypt

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 Hurghada Red Sea, EGYPT | 

Located 40 minutes from Hurghada Airport, driving through the desert is perhaps a different scenery than your use to. You’ll find yourself entering a grand road with Egyptian style sculptures several on either side. Leading towards the final olympic hurdle car barriers just for security reasons, they don’t call it 5 star for nothing. By now if you’ve booked online or googled the images, your excitement level is high, so there is no pressure. The renaissance style Architecture leads to the glass window perspective of the Red Sea Landscapes and desert mountains in the distance. One for the selfie moment, may I add. There are two restaurants, L’Abydos Brasserie one for the morning and dinner buffet with selected international food variations. L’Emporio Ristorante is known for the Italian food- reservations the day before or morning is needed. Soma Bay is indeed paradise, with a selection of 4 other top Hotels to suit your preference.

Sheraton 2


Greeted by an electronic scan, if the airport system security check wasn’t enough. Just one more as you enter the hotel, then a wet towel to clean your hands. Hygiene at your service, simply check in is easy, followed to your room. Wifi check, hairdryer check, daily cleaners at your service. Don’t forget your international adapter, they use the two holes, perhaps smaller than your average EU/USA Size. They only have WIFI in the lobby, and WIFI in your hotel rooms is a little extra at 70Euros. They supply limousines aka cars to and from the Hotel/Airport, so make sure to mention it at the beginning at 40 Euros. If your thinking about exchanging money before into Egyptian Pounds, that is also an option but not all necessary as there is a bank ATM machine and everything is builded to your account at the end of your check out. Simply all you need is your card, swimming shorts and plenty of sun tan lotion at an average of 35 degrees in hot season.

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Lets discuss: What to do at Soma Bay Shall we? We’ll the idea of a Resort is that your isolated from the world, in your own world that is sun bathing, relaxing by the pool and having a drink or two or three at the bar. Shisha is also an option, mind you do watch your own lungs. There are several water sport activities to get involved with. Snorkelling to kite surfing, diving and swimming, spa treatments can be made at Westin Hotel just 5 minutes on the shuttle bus. You’re pretty much surrounded the desert landscapes and the most clear blue seas, so theres no escape to the city any time soon.  As for the atmosphere, I went during the Egyptian Easter Break: End of April time, fairly quiet, not quite the Ibiza kind of crowd of music. There is night time entertainment around the corner passed the other hotels, but I am sure there are enough posters and people promoting the Artists. What ever really floats your boat, that is if there are people to go see the Glass Tank Boat tour for just 20 euros. Its a family kind of destination, peaceful and relaxed. There are several classes through out the day, Yoga in the morning, to adult zumba classes in the pool, no age restrictions. Rent a Bike along the cycle paths, an hour should pretty much cover your area. Mind you it’s pretty hot, just avoid the sun burns. The dry heat weather will drain your energy out, so keep hydrated and find the right balance for activities and meal schedules.

Red Sear
Vitamin Sea

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  1. Armand Cox May 3, 2016

    Nice shots, and looks like you enjoyed yourself. Must put this on my travel bucket list.

  2. Sunny May 6, 2016

    Nice photos!
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  3. Paul Ramos May 10, 2016

    Amazing! Please put Abu Dhabi and Dubai to your bucket list too

    Marhaba from the UAE’s Capital, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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