May 26, 2016

Top 10 Tips for dealing with the blogging competition.

By fashitect In Technology


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If there was a Lecture on blogging, I’m sure you’ll be front row in that class. The power house of these individual bloggers have literally taken the social world by storm.  Not quite the occupation that your parents expected, but at least the admins says otherwise. We know that there are too many bloggers, so how do we filter the selection? Do you have a niche, or even offer a different view to the industry? Do you want to become just another journalist or document a journey through your experiences? A portal of possibilities, that I can say has opened the biggest of opportunities and especially as I love what I do everyday. It’s your online platform to showcase your vision, perspective and creativity through this website, the main home for all your social channels. It all starts with Dell XPS 13, the newest device to help you through your journey. Designed for on the go workers and engineered with the latest 6th Gen.Intel Core Processor, you are bound to need that 16GB of memory with all your imagery.

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It’s pretty much a steep slope to climb, starting from the bottom and leaping to the insta-stardum in 2016. We know there are way to many blogs out there, so here are my top tips to stand out from the mass market.

Frequently Asked Blogger Questions- Steps for starting a blog.

1. Which platform to use, Blogger or WordPress? WordPress. Designer Templates websites like ( and build your professional website using tutorials. Keep the design simple, easy to read but also have your personality in your introduction.

2. Choose your style of Blog. The options are endless from fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, there is a market for everything. Have a different angle, perhaps infuse subjects you love. Build your brand starting with the logo, an identity is keep and your design is the first impression.

3. Have a niche and offer something different to the industry, use quality photos (ideally invest in a good camera) and get creative with the content. Use programs like Adobe Photoshop, (Creative Cloud service to access Adobe Programs)

4. Build your social channels and gradually have a routine for posting, curate your content. Search for inspiration and experts in that field.

5. Look at SEO, administration, affiliate websites and don’t forget to share your posts on all your socials!

6. The beauty of blogging is that your able to work anywhere, anytime. You control your effort and hours. From coffee shops to wifi hotspots, travelling and sharing the moment is what your readers will love.

7. Plan your editorial calendar, shooting dates, deadlines and have a schedule! Nothing like being organised.

8. Ideas for blog posts: have a storyline, a theme and a concept. Infuse Graphics, illustrations and play with layouts.

9. Get inspired by other blogs, your surroundings and people from different cultures. I often look at Pinterest for inspiration to document my mood boards.

10. Love what you do, and people will love you for it. You have nothing to loose, but a lot to gain. Enjoy!

  1. Paul Ramos May 30, 2016

    Very informative post!

    Greetings from Le Capital, Abu Dhabi

  2. Godwin Okoruwa June 10, 2016

    Thank you so much for this, I am just over a year old in blogging but this has added to my knowledge.


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