March 7, 2016

Guide to Grooming: Tom Ford Beauty for Men

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The Tom Ford Facial and Grooming range is designed for the everyday Gentleman. Ideal for your travel essentials grooming bag, used in the comfort of you’re own home or on the go, without the need of going for a Facial Treatment. If you’re new to the generation of Men taking care of themselves, looking rough was decades ago. The director and filmmaker, has sure changed the fashion industry, and it has taken an inspiration like himself to embrace Beauty as it should be. It is not about crossing the line when it comes to ‘stealing your girlfriend’s foundation’ or looking younger if you don’t moisturise on a daily basis. Having a routine is an essential to this day and age, it’s natural to feel and look better every time you wake up and to take a mirror selfie before you exit your home. I had my first ever Grooming Consultation at the Harrods Salon De Parfum on the 6th Floor. Examinine each product to give you the best of information, recommended by the specialist and expert. Tom Ford Beauty won Best GQ Grooming Award and I can definitely agree. It is sure a favourite essential to keep in your baggage. I used the products during my travels in Thailand. Art directed at the Grand Temples of Thailand, to emphasis the impact and bold takes on design. Only an Architecture graduate like myself could relate to Tom Ford’s Perspective and vision.

Tom Ford Quotes: ”Fine grooming is the mark of a modern gentleman. It is the way a man presents the best version of himself to the world”.
Creative Director: Toni Tran
Assistant Photographer: Palm
Location: Grand Temples, Bangkok, Thailand.

Moisturiser Tom Ford Oil-Free Daily Moisturizer: 50ml

The nourishing moisturiser leaves a matte finish, because no one wants a greasy glowing face. The essential oil base has a light peppery scent, also leaving your skin to feel smooth and hydrates throughout the day. Helps to have a cleansed face before applying the substance in the morning and night. 

Tom Ford Hydrating Lip Balm: 10ml

This product pretty much seals the deal when it comes to moisturising your lips. Silky and smooth just like the Japanese Koi Fish. I’d recommend keeping it in you’re bag, protects and hydrates during all seasons because nothing is worst than having dry lips right? The shaped applicator makes it easy to apply, with your lips blending the Almond oil, Shea butter, avocado extracts and Vitamins A and E. Please note this make feel good, but please do not eat.

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Tom Ford Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment: 15ml

 Designed with the cooling metal applicator to boost micro circulation. This helps to stimulate blood flow, increasing lymph circulation and therefore draining stagnant lymph fluid that is instrumental in puffy dark circle eyes.  The substance contains micro light reflecting particles that brightens your skin, therefore smoothing and reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. This will help make your eyes feel awake, revitalised and refresh them tired looking eyes from the night out before. How to use: Simply squeeze the substance and apply on the cheekbone under the eye. (Not direct under the eyes where the eye bag is) Used day and night time.

Intense Purifying Mud Mask:
Best time to put on the Mask is during warm temperatures after the hot steamy shower. This helps the Mask to settle in because the moisture in the air and the pores of your skin open to warmer vapours. The Charcoal colour will gradually activate a suction effect over pores, lifting out dirt whilst neutralising excess oil. It is by far my favourite product. Imagine a dry desert, with the power of the mud Mask extracting the dirt, leaving smoother skin and reduced excess oils and smaller pores.

Tips: Keep away from the Eye Area
Leave for 15-20 Minutes until the Mask has dried, changing from the darker shade to a dry lighter tone.
Use a wet hand towel to wipe off the Mask, because the texture of the towel is a great exfoliator. Finish off with Cold Water.
Routine: Use once a week and you will notice an instant difference.

Men’s Concealer: 3 Shades: Light, Medium & Tanned

Secret Magic Touch. Used for the finer details on the Skin. Covers red Blemishes, dark circles and Spots.
Not a foundation. Less is more when it comes to subtle real life photoshop problems. Not to enhance.

Bronzing Gel:
Mimic the sun kissed look. Don’t be frighted by the black substance. No glitter no Shimmer. Recommended for paler Skins. How to use: Moisturise first, tap on to Skin.

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