February 17, 2016

4 new Jagermeister Cocktails to try at home

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Deer Diary, You have no I-deer, how good these cocktails are!

Let’s pull out all the banters and jokes, so hard you can’t even breathe. For most of us, rolling them eyes and as the silence of the room becomes awkward, then you know you’ve done a road kill. (*Tumble weed blows pass*) Literally speaking, it’s time to have a drink or two. But I worn you, DRINK RESPONSIBLY. There’s no rule to which day of the week you can consume, the fire burn liquid that wants you drinking for more. The conversation starts kicking off, just like the way you’re feet taps to the beat. Bopping your head as the sound waves vibrates in the air, standing on the edge of the table at the beginning of the night. You’ll soon be at the middle having a dance battle like you don’t remember. For the memories caught of the snapchat regrets the next morning, or the selfies with the random strangers you don’t remember. We’ve all been there, at least once, with a beating forehead the next morning. No matter what occasion, I did tell you to DRINK RESPONSIBLY. ” I’ll just have the one…” (but we all know what that means, when you’re thirsty for more). I can indeed remember my first encounter with the iconic German brand Jagermeister, ah the student Wednesdays nightclubs. Quite the explosion, the ”JAGER-Bomber-jacket”  I shall leave the fond memory in the book, as I slur my words the next morning at my university presentation.



I’ve come up with a few Recipes you should try, it frankly depends what kind of person you are:

Green House: The explorer you’re the outdoorsy kind of person. Flavours of Apple, Mint, Cinnamon, Elderflower and Lime.

Spice up your life: (Not talking Spice Girls) Simple, you like it straight. No Gimmicks. Just serve Ice Cold.
Burnt Orange: (It’s got one of the five day) Comes with Vitamin C.
Frozen Forest: Fruity and Fun. You’re more adventurous than the others.

Creative Direction: Toni Tran
Assistant Photographer: Ash Mahmood
In partnership with Jagermeister.

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