October 30, 2015

Mercedes-Benz GLE Europe Roadtrip #MBPolarSun 1/3

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For all them driving school lessons, provisional exams and tests, the driver licence was definitely a reward. Not only to clarify you’re over 18, being responsible and to be prepared for the ride of you’re life. We’re not talking rollercoasters here, but an experience like no other, in the hands of Mercedes-Benz Road trip through Europe. My British passport awaits the 9 countries over 10 days and travelling over 4000km ;more than my geography teacher could demonstrate the altitude and distances between them all. We’ve all been on road trips before, but one that was organised by Mercedes-Benz is something to wave you’re hands in the air about. Driving the GLE class & AMG Series, daisy chaining with a group of 17 influencers, experts and journalists from around the world, we unite and occasional disperse to explore new cities, landscapes and capturing snaps like content creators. I was in for another whole new ball game of photography, a new division of cars and an insight to the Automobile Industry. Time to fuel you’re stomach, but mainly the engine to kick start this epic journey.

IMG_1299 copyMercedes HQRoad test

Before getting to terms that the Europeans, (besides the United Kingdom), drive on the right hand road, on the left side of the steering wheel. The binary opposite to you’re check mate in chess, the north to you’re south pole or you’re Kanye West to you’re north Kardashian. Driving through the mountains of Kitzbuhel, we arrived at the Mercedes Relay Station in Saalfelden and put the GLE to it’s limits.  Imagine an assault course, put through training and programming until the final hurdle, the car that conquered every possibilities to prepare for the unexpected incidents. With more technology programmed in the car, than you’re actually IOS Apps, the hidden mechanical stabilisation, off track talents and adrenaline rushing experience had me at my sweaty fingertips. The features included Self Levelling Suspension, for the uneven surfaces even when the car was transitioning from two to three wheels and the Downhill Speed Regulation (DSR) that helped manoeuvre steep gradients when facing down.

IMG_1321Grand Tirolia HotelDRINKS RECEPTION


For the moments, where you can say you woke up here, realising that there is no way out of you’re hotel robe. This is not a dream, this is an early wake up call to have breakfast and to be ready dressed for the warm weather of 28 degrees. Assigned to our teams of two, the eight intimidating Mercedes cars was an army not to reckon with. We were scheduled for a longer Estimated arrival time, travelling north to Leipzig, Germany for our next destination. Exploring the rural areas, industrial landmarks and prohibited entrances, didn’t stop us from doing the odd sight seeing around town.

Day 2 leipzigIMG_1670 Penta Hotel day 2#MBPolarSun - GLE Und GLE Coupé Road Trip - BTS #MBPolarSun - GDay 2 leipzig


The satisfaction of knowing that the breakfast buffet is waiting for you as soon as the alarm bell goes off. There’s no snoozing here, with new places to experience every day has soon become the blogger routine. Eat, drive, photograph, check in and out. The emails and editing soon became a stack load working on the go, making use of the phone’s WIFI hotspot was a viral essential for this. The hotels and restaurants were our connectivity to the world, the fuel to our social media uploads, constantly posting on #MBPolarSun. It soon became like Mario Kart, as soon as you spotted another GLE Car, it was an opportunity to shoot each other. We took a detour to Berlin, pit stopping for a Vietnamese Brunch and the exploring the city by foot, brought back the memories of 2012. Exercising by this rate, was quite a relief, especially if you’ve embossed you’re bottom mould on the leather chairs.

Day 3 Berlin #MBPolarSun - GLE Und GLE Coupé Road Trip - Von Leipzig nach PoBlow up Hotel IMG_2136 IMG_2116

PART 2 & 3 COMING SOON! (Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway) 

In partnership with Mercedes Benz UK #MBPOLARSUN

Photography: Toni Tran, Teymur Madjderey, Matthew Askari

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  1. Matthew Pike November 12, 2015

    Now that’s a road trip! Really enjoyed this piece. Looking forward to seeing images from Estonia.

    Buckets & Spades


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