September 11, 2015

Top 10 Travel tips guide to Menorca, Spain

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The ultimate Travel tips guide for first time visitors to Menorca Spain. For a holiday that is truly like the google images, filter free edits and full of hot dog hashtags, then Menorca, Spain is the place for you. (The toned down version of Ibiza party scene and more family orientated, surrounded with turquoise seas). When it comes to blue water, which is more crystal clear than your contact lenses, then you’ve come to the right place. The scenery is breath taking. Living in palm tree paradise, whilst drinking the ice cold white wine had me on cloud 9 and 3/4. For those booking the holiday flights, making sure the accommodation is practical for the ideal location is next on your list. You’ve probably checked all the travel websites, reviews and comparison deals. Like myself I did a lot of research before picking the right location for the family, staying at the Prinsotel Sa Caleta, two minutes from the beach. Convenient for the family, self catering buffets and swimming pools, left, right and centre, I can gladly recommend these Apartments. It was 7 minutes on the bus (which looks like a coach) to the nearest town centre, Ciutadella; one of the Island’s main historic towns. Cala is ”beach” in Spanish, the small cliff hove has created the man made beach; becoming a local hot spot with 3 great restaurants and bars. You are sure to spend more time snorkelling for fishes, sun bathing and drinking cocktails as your 9am till sunset office duties. (I went to Spain for 6 days, I recon a good 4 days will keep you satisfied) The transportation is very organised and there shouldn’t be much language barrier.


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CIUTADELLA DE MENORCA: West of Menorca which is 1 hour away from the Airport: The historic town is filled with classic Architecture, churches and endless European alleyways. Filled with the atmospheric nightlife of the sound of the Spanish locals, night markets and the occasional Friday morning market in the town square. Of course, there are many restaurants by the Port, designer shops and very good bus services. One thing I noticed, is that you are never short of Gelato Ice-cream on every corner.

MAHON: the main capital of Menorca is only 15 minutes from the Airport, East of the Island. Explore the brother towns of the Balearic Island, located in the mediterranean Sea of Menorca, Spain. That’s if you want to leave the beautiful beaches to wake up in reality and be surrounded by tourists. I found it is bigger, spacious and more modernised with the western cultural influences. Surrounded with cliff sea views, peach palette buildings and palm trees, exploring the cobbled paths will lead you to more unseen treasures that google maps doesn’t mention.

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Recreate the Titanic moment and set sail like Popeye the sailor man. I’d highly recommend booking in advance, just to save the foolishness I had to go through. Luckily I had a plan B to spend by day by the beaches tanning like a roast chicken. It’s an all day trip, where you will sight see various of instagrammable monuments, and pit stop in the most beautiful beaches. Lining up in single file for lunch is just the extra side you’ll have to deal with, seafood paella and sangria is probably on all boat’s menu. I took the Menorca Jumbo Blava, which set sail from Port de Ciutadella and costs about £30 per person. Don’t forget to pack light and of course you’re beach essentials. Life wouldn’t be complete without snorkelling with the fishes, taking selfies in the sea and eating watermelon from the fruit barrel man.
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10 Things to checklist whilst in Menorca Spain:

Visit both towns Mahon & Ciutadella
Go To Aqua Water Park
Experience the Day/Night Markets
Horse back riding
Take a day’s boat tour to different beaches
Eat Traditional Spanish Food & drink Sangria endlessly.
Go snorkelling with the fishes & use a go pro if you have one!
Jump off the cliff like there is no tomorrow
Watch the sunset and cherish the moment
Sun tan until it show’s you’ve been on holiday and not to the local tanning shop.

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