September 15, 2015

5 Styling tips on Men’s Shirts

By fashitect In Fashion Editorials, United Kingdom

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5 Styling tips for Men’s Shirts:

Basic: Wear a t-shirt underneath your shirt

Casual: Unbutton top collars for the casual look

Casual/Smart: Underlay with a Roll Neck this winter

Smart: Top button done up for the smarter look

Formal/Fashion: Accessories with Ties & Bow Ties & Scarfs

Winter is soon approaching, with everyone back to school this September, it reminds me of Ralph Lauren Oxford shirts. Where has time gone recently? I find myself teaching lectures in London & Manchester, currently playing two roles, especially when the tables have turned. Fashion and styling is a powerful tole for building characters and presenting a particular perception to others. Sometimes I always imagine myself as being two people. Toni by day, Ninja by night or shall we say the good vs naughty side. The one we present to the world on social media and the one behind closed doors thats where snapchat @fashitect really shows your personality. An escape to the Sussex landscape scenery, for the modern countryside school boy. Like myself, the traveller who likes to explore the lengths of the British soil. On the other hand, we have the University Professor, who takes a more gentlemanly approach to classic way of working.

Photographer Assistant: Millie Cotton

In partnership with Ralph Lauren

  1. Paul September 15, 2015

    Amazing posts as always1

  2. Ubuntu VPS May 14, 2016

    I would usually look into my dad s wardrobe to try out a few outfits. The first time I tried styling with my dad s shirt, it surprised me that it turns out nice!  Ever since,  I ve extended my own closet s selections to my dad s too!


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