August 9, 2015

Must have gadget: Toshiba Satellite Click Mini

By fashitect In Italy, Milan, Technology

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IMG_7678 IMG_7780 Toshiba Satellite Click Mini 2in1 Laptop & Tablet IMG_7622 IMG_7784 IMG_7801IMG_7841 IMG_7716 IMG_7738

Review test on the new Toshiba Satellite Mini Click. When I say the whole world is my office, I literally mean it. Cafe hopping for Wifi (largely titled FREE WIFI ZONE), is just another travelling requirement of my job. You’ll find me on a sugar rush and high on caffeine by ordering latte art for the sake of an Instagram photo.  Perhaps, persuading the manager with the little Italian that I know besides, Seafood Linguine & Pistachio Gelato, by sweet talking the way in getting access to a closed Cafe will end up on my CV. The Toshiba Satellite Click mini is lightweight, practical and compact in size for ultra-mobility and versatile by simply detaching the two devices, tablet screen and laptop keyboard. As there are no days off for us bloggers, it is ideal for work meetings and emails on the go. Whilst in Milan, the ultimate hub for my fashion search engine and browser for new locations, as every opportunity is a new discovery to create content instantly. You can ask how do I separate my real life from the everyday blogger life? Well, as it’s become a lifestyle, where I vision and plan for the particular location or occasion. Then, there will be moments which I may never experience again, hence I capture memories to last a lifetime. It is great that being social allows myself to share my perspective.

Location: Galleria Meravigli Bistrot, Via Meravigli, 3, Milano, Italy (Station Cordusio)

Photographer: Henri Balit

In partnership with Toshiba.

  1. Paul Ramos August 9, 2015

    Sleek and stylish, Love this gadget

    Greetings from the UAE’s Capital
    The Style Choreo

  2. M&MFASHIONBITES August 13, 2015

    Nice photos 🙂
    Maria V.


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