August 31, 2015

Top 10 Tips on how to take Food photographs

By fashitect In Lifestyle, Restaurants, United Kingdom


Here is my guide on how to take professional food photos for your instagram. We’re all experts in eating, but what is food if we don’t share what we’ve eaten? You just can’t resist not taking out your phone during breakfast, lunch or dinner. I admit it is a ritual or a crime to some for not taking photos before you eat, especially as I was dining at Harvey Nichols OXO Tower Restaurant. If you’re going to take a foodie snap, do it properly like a professional (even on an iPhones and androids) . The terms food flay lays and foodp*rn is one of the few words associated with restaurants and instagram addicts. The photographic expression for the view from above, seems to be the only way of taking the photo. We may be delaying some service time, but at least you will be more visually satisfied after it’s all in your stomach.

Top 10 Tips on how to take professional food instagram photos?

1. Choose your seating near natural lighting. (Closest to the window, or outdoors on a rooftop terrace if your fancy)
2. Textured Table Surfaces add more character to give an atmosphere (Wooden tables, clean white, tiles)
3. Ordering photographic and presentable food on the menu (Of courses, it has to tingle your tastebuds)
4. Arrange the table in an organized yet chaos manor, try to create Art and style in your frames
5. Nice plates and cutlery is a bonus, add extra lifestyle accessories for additional decoration
6. Hand modeling on the table and interacting with the food, props, drinks.
7. Take Photo with a flatlay angle. (View from Above) Iphone does the job.
8. (Stand on chairs for more table context) or get friend/waiter assistances with taking the two hand photos.
9. Use editing apps: Snapseed, VSCO Cam, & even instagram. Add exposure, contrast, saturation & sharpness to the images.
10. Bon Apetite! You can finally eat. The quicker you are at these photos, the less colder your food is…

Starter IMG_9243 IMG_9229IMG_9187
IMG_9177 IMG_9312 IMG_9327 IMG_9299IMG_9274
IMG_9386 IMG_9377IMG_9424
IMG_9333 IMG_9412 IMG_9349

Now that you’ve got the hang of my food photography secrets. it’s perhaps visually easier said than done. I mean, you’re investing time and quality into creating content for that instagram photo, perhaps it may take food preparation time to make, 15-30 mins to set up your food styling and an extra few to get to correct photo. With time and experience, you will surely get the hang of food photography, quicker than I ever did. For those that follow the hashtag #FATTITECT it’s my essential guide to restaurants I eat at and of course flatlays that you all love. Let’s not blab on about how the name came about, besides my struggle to gain weight with my high metabolism. It’s not a crime, just embrace people may be looking and have no fear on standing on a chair if you have to!

Assistant Photographer: Neil Thornton.

In collaboration with Harvey Nichols for OXO Tower Restaurants.

  1. Michael Morgon September 1, 2015

    I’ve been waiting for this post for months! Thanks for sharing your foodtography secrets with us. It will most definitely help me with taking photos of my own! Great post!

    • fashitect September 1, 2015

      Thank you so much! I will do another one soon for Instagram editing apps!

  2. Anthony Rogers September 22, 2015

    This is lovely Tony!

    Cheers ~

  3. Elena Sandor September 25, 2015

    This post is absolutely amazing! I love your work, and that food looks so appetizing. Gotta go to my cold soup now;))


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