July 23, 2015

LAB SERIES Skincare for Men

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LAB SERIES New Pro LS Anti-perspirant Deodrant Roll-On: 75ml RRP £9.00

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Lab Series Skincare for Men review. Earth, water, air & snow. These are 4 thing’s that come to mind with the LAB SERIES products resembled throughout my road trip from Alta to the NordKapp, Norway. The landscapes and untouched acres of nature, is literally breath taking, so much so the cold air had my lungs cooler than your Ice slushies. My travelling daily grooming bag essentials, consists of the LAB Series fantastic four key products, that every gentleman should have. Keeping it natural, fragrance free and refreshed, feeling rejuvenated for the whole period of up to 24 hours, has made my morning routine easier than ever. Whether you prefer the circular motion with the roll on, going round and round the roundabout. To the pouting lip balm effect, that will keep your dry lips from becoming your ice cracker, to the tinted moisturiser that had me GQ ready. I have to admit the touch of SPF gave an even tone to my complex, you can say even photoshop can’t touch it. I had visioned for textures of the minerals, sculptured cliffs and vapours that was ideal for the concept of this editorial.

Assistant Photographers: Gonzalez, Teymur & Matthew Askari

BB Tinted Moisturiser SPF 35: 50ml RRP £36.00

Age Rescue & Water-Charged Gel Cream PLUS Ginseng: 50ml RRP £45.00

New Pro LS Anti-perspirant Deodrant Roll-On: 75ml RRP £9.00

Pro LS Lip Tech Lip Balm:  0.15oz RRP £8.00

In Partnership with LAB SERIES  http://www.labseries.co.uk

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  1. Mr Essentialist July 30, 2015

    Such crisp shots – love the all-whites.
    Alexander @ Mr Essentialist


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