July 20, 2015

Jack Wills & the Summer Sale hills

By fashitect In Lookbook, United Kingdom

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Dear diary,

As I casually swap my iPhone for the feathered fountain pen, perched in the middle of the driest of wheat grass. Here I stylishly sit tanning my neck against the scorching British Sun with no sky scraping or photobombing people in sight. Just in my own little world, the simplicity of freedom, just me, the cool breeze and the juiciest of apples ready to be bitten. My favourite time of year, and perhaps a surprising first, to visit my local countryside town of Richmond bribing my 7 year old niece to help assist on this photoshoot. The suburbs of London in Zone 4 to be precise, where Edwardian houses meets Victorian Architecture. The perfect British getaway, surrounded by pubs, the local river thames and acres of nature. I never really knew what happened to Jack & Jill that went up the hill, besides fetching a well of water right?



Not quite a Jack & Jill moment, but rumour has it, you’ll fetch a few bargains at the Jack Wills Summer Sale right now. For a brand that is iconic for the JW branding and colour blocking casual wear. I’ve taken a different approach, as you’ll also find tailoring (more suited to my style) and surprises amongst the rummage of clothes. You’ll soon be rolling down that hill, cuffed to grab timeless statements, easy to rework in your wardrobe. Whether your playing with textures or pastel shades for this summer or the next, instead of buying the one off statements, invest in classic items to fit into your daily uniform.

Top 5 Sale Shopping tips:

1. Size. Love an item, but can’t find your size? Luck has it, as it may be online or in another store.

2. Classics Trends. Invest in pieces you will wear again, mix and match with your wardrobe.

3. Statement Styles. It’s your chance to experiment with a splash of colour, pattern or style than usual, try something different.

4. Bargains. Find yourself good priced deals and you’ve saved yourself some extra cash to buy that gelato ice-cream.

5. Stay open minded.  You’re going to get a good deal for your choice and everyones happy!

In partnership with Jack Wills. www.jackwills.com

  1. Mr Essentialist July 24, 2015

    Your shots are perfect – love the styling.
    Alexander @ Mr Essentialist


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