June 17, 2015

Michael Kors Fragrance for Men

By Toni Tran In Fragrances, Grooming, Hotels, United Kingdom

[Yellow Blazer] NOOSE & MONKEY [Tie & Pocket Sq] DUCHAMP [Shirt] TM LEWIN [Scarf] NEXT [Fragrance] MICHAEL KORS FOR MEN 
Michael kors introduces a new men’s fragrance, inspired by the ultimate jet setter (May 2015).  What may appear as my jet setting lifestyle checking into Rosewood London to the Bentley’s Hotel, travelling will always be a part of my life. Making sure I am top of my own game with a few sprits of Incense, suede and sage. With father’s day coming around the corner, you can share your personal scent and stay on top of your grooming Cologne game with the Michael Kors Range. Opens with a bright, fresh top note of bergamot, enhanced with herbaceous tones of energising elemi, thyme and black pepper and stimulating coriander and star anise. This modern, masculine scent is enriched by the earthy sensuality of patchouli. sandalwood and sleek woods, with rich musk at the fragrance’s core to capture a clean, natural essence. 

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Photographer: Henri Balit