April 14, 2015

Kew Gardens

By Toni Tran In Fashion Editorials, United Kingdom
[Boots] UGGS MENSWEAR [Trousers] Topman [Folio] HOLDALL & CO [Blazer] VINTAGE [Scarf] MOSCHINO [Glasses] MARC JACOBS]
So the chameleon strikes again, camouflaging with the surroundings, but I still didn't make it to Coachella this year. Suited in tartan, the double trouble combination is one many people would find challenging. Once you've realise you've had a heat stroke, you'll find yourself lying in the humid Palm tree house of Kew Gardens. Exotic yet sweaty, and perhaps a workout without lifting the weights. For a place that feels like 'Coachella' with the palm spring trees, deserted surroundings and an arena of plants, all you need is music with a surround system enough to vibrate the jungle. You won't be hearing ''George George, George of the jungle'', as Tarzan swing's in. A land full of nature and acres of greenery, only minutes away from home, it's a place that feels am on holiday and a breathe of fresh air. You'd need an entire day to experience the variety of Architecture, pointed on the map. If you're still reading and wondering What the hell is he wearing, perhaps try to come up with new ways of styling suits, talking to a guy with over 50 suits. Reinventing trend's and tackling everyday styles is easier said than done. The heat has struck in London and the weather is shouting out good bye winter wear. 
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Photo by Tieu