April 8, 2015

The new Huawei G7 4G

By Toni Tran In Lifestyle, Paris, Technology
The new HUAWEI G7 4G Smartphone www.huaweidevice.com
[Headphones] MONSTER EU x INSPIRATION [Android SmartPhone] HUAWEI G7 4G [Briefs] CLAESEN'S NO 1
The ultimate best dress man, your reliable resource for life, Yes that's right were not talking humans, say hello to the new Huawei G7 4G Smartphone. Super sleek, modernised and designed to perfection, am never left without being social. Helping your stand out from the crowd, carrying the latest fashion accessory is all you need in your suit blazer pocket. It's the first thing we say good morning to and the last thing we see before attempting to snooze for another five minutes. We've all had that moment when we're left without that right hand friend, why bother when you can carry it in your hand all day long. Huawei’s new ultra stylish and premium 4G smartphone opens up a world of possibilities with its host of industry leading functions. Maximizing technology to another extent, using the Huawei G7 to capture high definition photos with the wide angle 13MP Camera has my insta-photos sharper than ever. I particular love how personalised the program gets, from storing databases to new filter functions and there is always new shortcuts to make life more simpler and efficient.   Sponsored by Huawei G7 
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Photo by Azhoa