March 16, 2015

The Parisian Life

By Toni Tran In Lookbook, Paris
They say talking French is as easy as taking beans out of a tin can. You just need the English beans and put French tomato sauce accents all over it. I could try attempting the language, but all I needed to say was Bonjoir and Merci aka Thank you. Studying German was frankly no use, neither was saying Ciao in Italian made any difference. My days consisted of wondering the romantic city, ordering food to typing on google translator & relying on international roaming services for directions. In fashion terms pretending to not be a tourist, visiting designer showrooms, events, chilling at the Paris Apartment & of course Paris Fashion Week. I found the Paris Metro App rather useful, and of course google maps states every monumental Architecture known to man, so it's fairly easy to find.  I can finally tick the checklist of City's I've visited even though it was only 2 hours away on the train from London. #FashitectInvadesFrance
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Photos by Sarah Mikaela