March 24, 2015

Cobalt Construction

By Toni Tran In Lookbook, United Kingdom
[Sunglasses] MARC JACOBS [Two Piece Royal Blue Suit] HAWES & CURTIS [Knitwear Sweater & Houndstooth Socks] REISS [Bounder Blue Loafers] STALLARD
I often get asked the question by fellow gents that want to be more confident with fashion and having thoughts in styling themselves. ''Where do I begin?'' I always say, start with the foundation essentials with an item you want to wear, for instance a white shirt. Classic for a majority of suit and sartorial combinations, which frankly didn't take that much equations or calculations to weigh up the mass of concrete. For myself personally, it took time to grow and build what I call the fashion week attire, a staple worn everyday for spring and summer. For a trend to never go out of date where we can discuss tailoring and the services of having modernised alterations. Is it more shocking these days for men to be more dapper then ever, or the idea of being brave and the cobalt blue suit being more an electrifying factor. Surely, if it's anyone absorbing all this information regardless how hot the sun is shining, then it is only a man's duty to take the lead.  Follow me on Instagram Twitter Facebook