March 12, 2015

Cape meets Kilt Trend

By Toni Tran In Lookbook, Paris
[Shoes] DOLCE & GABBANA [Socks] CNYTTAN [Burgundy Suit] NEXT [WashBag] ASPINAL OF LONDON [Shirt] TM LEWIN [Sunglasses] MARC JACOBS [Kiltscape] VINTAGE
One thing you can't doubt when is Paris is the endless Architectural grand monuments. It's the classic romanesque meets Renaissance iconic buildings at each perspective pin pointed at each avenue. Mapped around the city where a daisy chain of arched columns, hand crafted statues and Palladian references are a sight never to be forgotten. For someone like myself who wears the structural suits fairly often, changing up an outfit that has locals saying 'paris fashion week', where I had indeed happen to just tour the city. Taking something so classic like a kilt, where it is could be styled as a cape, but instead my approach of the Kilts-cape. As much as I like the tradition, I also like a twist and turn in the modernised world of styling, changing what is the norm from the everyday sartorial attires. The two sided face meets Jekyll and Hyde, where the longer tailored angle asymmetrically creates an over batman cape, but still revealing the pocket square. 
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Photos by Sarah Mikaela