March 30, 2015

Architectural Precision

By Toni Tran In Lookbook, United Kingdom
[Customized Two Piece Suit] TAILOR4LESS [Sunglasses] MARC JACOBS [Shirt] TM LEWIN [Briefcase] LOUIS VUITTON [Brogues] OLIVER SWEENEY x JOHNNIE WALKER
I've often been asked the question. So Architecture? Will you ever go back to studying? Just to recap, I studied Architecture in University and graduated with Part 1. In the world of design, it's 3 parts, with additional work placement in an Architecture Firm. The 7 years including Masters include the RIBA (Royal insitute of British Architects) which clarify's your certificate for the title everyone wants of being an Architect. You can open your own firm and it literally becomes a community of trust worthy designers, contractors and engineers. Back to the question, at the moment in time no because I am here in the fashion industry, standing on my own two feet, all because of studying Architecture and starting Fashitects at the same time, was the best pathway I've created. Blogging might become a phase, but between you and me, it's the stepping stone to the future of design as the possibilities are endless. I've become quite a perfectionist with my unique perspective and an angle I tend to continue sharing.  
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