February 6, 2015

Mee. Clothing

By Toni Tran In Lookbook, United Kingdom
Men, step aside. The corduroy combination is back. Let's revisit my journey as a blogger. I remember the day when I had no understanding of fashion. Fairly timid to begin with, experimenting with colours, textures and prints, which took a lot of confidence. It may take a matter of weeks or months to understand what personal style means to yourself. I had explored fashion to every angle to find what suits myself, a fashion dictionary where I had learnt how to style the presence of my everyday runway. Colour blocking and double breasted waistcoats are currently trending in the blogosphere of menswear bloggers. The gentleman attires of sartorial wear with a more fashion forward approach. It's a timeless uniform, which resembles the classic heritage of tailoring but in a modernised period. Mee Clothing are offering an exclusive two days “Get one free tie for any purchase” offer for Fashitects with free DHL Shipping. Whether you want to buy a waistcoat and get a free tie, or two ties for the price of one. This offer will end in TWO days on Sunday 6th February (11:59pm Feb 8th PST), you can use promo code “ILoveCoolTies” Happy shopping! Sponsored by http://mistermee.com
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Photos by Millie