February 10, 2015

L’Oréal Paris Perfect Age

By Toni Tran In Fragrances, Grooming, Lifestyle, United Kingdom
In celebration of the new L’Oréal Paris Perfect Age Campaign, I would like to proudly present my gorgeous mother to Fashitects' readers. Evidence of the fact that the older we get, the more fabulous we become, my mum embodies the L’Oréal ‘because you’re worth it’ tag-line perfectly. Mother of 8 children, she is hands down he most hard working (and glamorous) woman I know. She was over the moon when I came to her saying L’Oréal wanted to partner with us, and it took very little convincing to get her all dressed up and in front of the camera! And what better place to shoot this editorial than in our own home? - a place my mother has created for herself and her family with great pride.
Perched on our sofa, I sat down to hear all her secrets behind her flawless skin and vitality at, wait for it... 65 years of age(!!!). Her top tips: keep a healthy mind, exercise daily, eat a balanced diet (rice, fish, vegetables), drink plenty of fluids (jasmine tea & water of course), and keep your skin hydrated - day and night.My mother is somebody that I look up to because of her confidence. Yes, she looks incredible for her age, but inside she is even more incredible. She’s 65 and proud of it.
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In Partnership with Loreal Paris http://www.loreal-paris.co.uk/en/skin-care/perfect-age
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