February 27, 2015

Forever 21 #AllAboutDenim

By Toni Tran In Lookbook, United Kingdom
When I step out from the Car Park, I feel like am in the Tokyo drift movie. Surrounded by engines and motorcyclists, and of course my sidekick Natasha @girlinthelens. There is something rather authentic when it comes to rundown offices, forbidden streets and the alleyway vibes that makes London full of character. The distressed facades to the textured tectonics, to the interwoven stitching and even pattern printing on the fabric. The versatility of Denim is endless, especially as it's the hottest trend this Spring. The iconic wardrobe staple has expanded the style range for both his and hers ranges, from joggers to crop tops and can you believe this Rose patterned Denim Suit combo is from Forever 21!! Somebody call the fashion police! In celebration of the #AllAboutDenim Campaign, I've incorporated ways to wear your everyday denim with my stylish twists at the most affordable range on the high street. For those that didn't think they stocked Menswear, well hello? Make sure to check out the whole range online. 
In Partnership with Forever 21 www.forever21.com 
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Photographer: Bon Parinya & Sarah Mikaela