January 3, 2015

Power to Pakistan

By Toni Tran In Pakistan, Travel
On the streets of Liberty, Lahore
Visiting the Badshahi Mosque & Lahore Fort Sometimes in life we take a lot of things for granted, am guilty of that myself. We all may seem to appear to have a great lifestyles, because that's how it is portrayed in our photos. No one wants to see the sad, bad sides of things, especially when you experience a culture for yourself. You can be grateful for the friends and family that support your life, but what is it without them and the money that helps us to survive? I am very lucky for where I stand, even if it means working consistently on my travel trips and what may appear to be 'just posing'. Sometimes us bloggers have to manage travelling and creating content with the touring companions to help photograph memories in surrounding places like in Lahore, Pakistan. The atmosphere isn't what I am repetitively use to; the culture, people and the overall environment. To say it's a contrast, the binary opposites of hierarchy with wealth and a less developed country, putting health at risk in an unknown surrounding was greatly protected by the local friends. I would suggest avoiding most foods, even water, but apart from that I had great food at the hotel's restaurants and home cooked food. Libery a town in Lahore, is great for Fabric shopping, local hand crafted goods filled with vibrant colours. Travelling wouldn't be complete without the touristy checklist. We visited the Badshahi Mosque and the Lahore Fort with authentic Architecture you wouldn't get any where else in the world.  
Location: Lahore, Pakistan
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