January 30, 2015

King of the Windsor Castle

By Toni Tran In Lookbook, United Kingdom
[Foulard Print Fashion Shirt] HAWES & CURTIS [Brown Two piece Suit] TOPMAN [Fur Coat] ISRAEL [Brogue Monk-Hickory] RUSSELL & BROMLEY [Dorset Satchel 13''] FORBES & LEWIS
On a quest to continuously search for new locations in England, avoiding the streets of London for a road trip up North to Windsor, Berkshire. There is so much artefacts behind what makes society different today; the craftsmanship, the Architecture and most importantly the people. We (as in Brits) cherish our heritage, it's places like Windsor castle that attracts tourists like myself to get a sense of history. In my case, pretending to be a King of the castle as it was my first time visiting the Royal Family's second home besides Buckingham Palace. For those visiting over seas, their is a great essence of Georgian and Victorian design based on medieval structures. Camouflaging against the HorseShoe Cloister, with graphic Brickwork and black timber, am sure you'll see my walking 50 shades of brown combination a mile away. The 'FashiKing' has arrived.  Location: Windsor Castle