December 5, 2014

Ways to Wear Houndstooth with Reiss NYC

By Toni Tran In Lookbook, NYC
CENTRAL PARK NYC The best of discovering the big Apple, is knowing there is always a place for you. Even if you try to adapt to the new city, starting off as a seed is always the tough part. It will only take time, connections and networking parties for an excuse to blend in, except the British accent of mine comes out. I may not understand the American way, so I'd prefer to live life my way. Laying here in the blossoming scrub, it's as tiring as waking up every morning finding that there is not enough day light neither assistance. Your on your own, and all you can ask for is a helping hand. Responsibilities are a big deal, from then you can grow your stem and branch out new avenues, connecting with a cultural world that is NYC. I have yet to be evolving into a big flower but O managed to squeeze in a few petals along the way in Central Park. Autumn is great for vibrant colours, earthy tones and landscape photographs as you'll probably see. Its a place for revitalising the brain with fresh air, an escape from the chaotic cityscapes and touristy people on the streets. 
[Felt Fedora, Maleo Prince of wales 3 Piece Suit, Bordeaux Sweater, Pocket Square] REISS  [Next Printed Scarf] NEXT [Birch Shoes] RUSSELL & BROMLEY
HIGHLINE WEST SIDE NYC  We've all seen the typical scene in the movie, where the innocent victim is tied to the railway line. The adrenaline is pumping our hearts with time and speed as you can see the train heading towards the hopeless character. The screen blacks out. This isn't quite recreating the movie The Train Spotter, except the railway line, as named as Highline is NYC has become a tourist attraction, quite the opposite in fact. Scrubs of greenery, plants and trees, surrounded by modern silver facades and modernistic Architecture. What use to be a train line, is now a park with a 1.45 mile pathway on the lower west side of Manhattan. Monochrome is the most common palette in everyones wardrobe, especially the uniform for New Yorkers. Nicely coordinated with the concrete and metallic surroundings, the Reiss houndstooth roll neck is the barking statement of this outfit. The weather is colder than ever, so I decided to keep it warm with the layering and simply layer up the Wool Coat & Cargo Trousers.  
[Fedora, Genesis Epsom Coat, Houndstooth Roll Neck] REISS [Bag] ISSEY MIYAKE [Trousers] ARMANI EXCHANGE Black Edition [Sneakers] ALL SAINTS
If it's one place in every part of the city in every country I've been to, from London to New York, Malaysia, Chinatown makes you feel like your in Asia. Besides being surrounded by the Western culture, it's the hotspot for all thing's imported and your local Chinese Takeaway all on one street. I am glad I came across Asian cuisines like Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean to name a few, besides being fed America fast-food. I tried my first ever Ramen Noodle Soup, shocking to say and the Bakery is the best, because we inherited the ingredients from the French.
[Theodore Charcoal Jacket] REISS [Slater Jeans] REISS [Baldrick Houndstooth Scarf] REISS [Nixon Shirt] REISS [Birch Monks] Russell & Bromley
So who let the dogs out? Houndstooth is the king of patterns to all patterns this season. From discrete puppy tooth accessories to bold sweaters, Reiss has many options to choose from. To me it brings an outfit to life, even if it is monochrome, the captivating print and wool texture has yet to evolve in the menswear fashion scene. 
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Photos by Dre & Dat Hoang