December 10, 2014

The NYC man bag

By Toni Tran In Lookbook, NYC, Travel
There’s the reality with what we share in our lives and the real reality of what really happens as a life of a blogger. Besides looking like a mess every morning, lounging in our night clothes, my phone is always on my mind, even the first and last thing at night. We, (as in the bloggers), spend the majority of the time flogging through the wardrobe in the morning deciding what to wear, perhaps even planning two-three outfits a day. Maneuvering from A to B and then to C, generally hopping between wifi hotspots, meetings and events. It’s perhaps not so glamorous as it appears, organising a location, photographer and scheduling time to take photos, and stare at your laptop screen for hours, whilst scrolling on your social feeds, (ok I admit there is more freedom than your 9-5 office job). Especially when your travelling, we spend more time indoor than the touristy discoveries, living out a luggage, constantly tapping the keyboard and editing continuously. NYC is a great city, that is if you put down your camera, and embrace what use to be an experience, but now capturing moments and creating content is consistently on my mind. There is only a matter of time with travelling, before you depart on the next trip, but as long as I have my man bag, you are sure to be travelling in style.   Working on the go, where ever we can find a local coffee shop and a plug socket is all we need. We can perhaps complain why the bag is so heavy, weighing about approximately 15kg of equipment. My left arm in particular is perhaps more muscular than the other, lifting my office essentials around because that is how we roll. Café’s and fresh yogurt parlor’s being a popular favourite, as we love the latte Art or anything we can flatlay for our instagram snaps. Besides the laptop and camera gear being the primary gravity gainer, the spaghetti cables and the generic grooming moisturizers, diaries and wallet is just the typical products I carry. I like to invest in quality products to protect my valuables from getting scratches, such as the SHINOLA 15’’ Leather Envelope for my Laptop handcrafted by Eric Scott (thank you!) in a caramel latte beige colour. I don't know where I would be without the new Autumn/Winter Aspinal of London Large Mount Bag being my left hand man, and stylish commuting travel accessory for life.  Location: Columbus Circle NYC 
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Photos by Dat Hoang