November 19, 2014

The Art of Packing

By Toni Tran In Lifestyle, NYC, Travel
THE DILEMMA OF WHAT TO PACK FOR YOUR TRIP?  The excitement of leaving home and discovering a new destination is beyond's a human's life expectation. It's like leaving a nest you've built for years and set free into the world. Whether it's a holiday, business, work or pleasure, one thing we all dread is what to pack. For the organised check list packers, pre-planning days in advance prior your trip, or the last minute maniacs that swiss roll their clothes in the luggage. Your bound to forget something. Do you over pack or under pack, or are you confused on where to begin? Travelling in style with Ted Baker, the herringbone blue hand and suitcase luggages has definitely made my transfer much easier. The modern day colour, easy wheel mechanisms and light weight storage compatibility allows me to pack as much clothing. If you have a scenario of a weekend trip with different occasions, I'd suggest choosing the basics, a suit, jeans, jacket, t-shirts, shirts. Work with the monochrome tones that are easy to mix and match, coordinate and accommodate for the casual and smart events. Shades of Black, greys and whites is great when layering for winter or just simply complimentary colour blocking. The Armani Exchange Black Edition is all about the modern man this season. Basics with a twist, such as the slim fit cargo trousers, deep V neck wool sweater & denim infused with wool in a two zipped jacket. 
Now, you've got the basics to packing, whether you continue to swiss roll or pan fry your clothes, maintaining an uncreased wardrobe does have its consequences, especially with no iron. From Vietnam, Spain to Italy, straight to America, back to London and off to Pakistan in a few days, if only it was as glamorous as it appears. Packing for different weather conditions and living out of a luggage, does have the fashion blogger limits of re-styling the same clothes. I'd probably spend most of my time attached to my laptop, working in cafe's with wifi and endless coffee machines, even if it means being in another country.  From location scouting to emails and shooting before sunset, winter is getting colder which means more hibernation sessions. Here I am finishing this Article, at 4:30am because of my jet lag.  Location: Heathrow Airport Terminal 3
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