November 5, 2014

Hugo Boss Orange New York

By Toni Tran In Lifestyle, NYC
NEW YORK 3 HANDS Is it a coincidence or is it fate right now? New York was never on my menu this year. The time of place, month and let alone attempting to blend in holding an oversized train map of the city. If you are early for your scheduled meeting, then you are on time. If you are on time, then you will be later than expected. We can't really predict time to the precise measurement of foot steps per second. The distance from A to B or the delayed transportation of the mobility of other humans bumping into me at the tourist villa of Times Square.  My casual metro ride, was far more interesting on this occasion. The 3 Hand Quartz detail on the Boss Orange Watches, triggered a bold orange alert through out my journey, what I called an addiction or passion for orange (Vitamin C). All that mattered on this occasion was arriving on my Staten Island Ferry, I just had to get on that boat, so I made sure I was at the front of this que. Whether I was thirsty for pulp free OJ or the urban chic mood to dress according for pre-halloween. I tried keeping my individuality, attempting to maintain elegant and style, whilst holding the American super sized Pumpkin. But we all have 24 hours in a day, which we know is just not enough time to eat a balanced diet, cook a 3 course meal for supper and maintain a laid-back lifestyle looking sharp on every occasion. Instead, cherish the time and capture memories to last, create a spontaneous way of approaching the past and face the test of time. 
 In partnership with BOSS Orange Watches.  Edition 2/3
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 Photos by Toni Tran (yours Truly)