October 6, 2014

Take your time with Hugo Boss.

By Toni Tran In Lookbook, Technology, United Kingdom
[Sneakers] All saints AW [Holdall Bag] Coach [Trousers] Fashitects [Knitwear] Reiss AW [Headphones] Diesel x Monster EU
If you thought it was as easy as waking up, like your red carpet ready, then you are perhaps the superman of fashion. It's the off guard moments when I have errands to run around the city, meetings, emails, shootings and of course social media on the go. Keeping organized and tracking your time in managing your schedules is a skill your teachers do not teach you at school. We know how is it, attempting to be on morning ready for work, but you end up stuck in people traffic mayhem and turn up fashionably late. Coming up with excuses like your alarm decided to over snooze or there was a delay on the train, when I had yet still not decided what to wear. I have teamed up with Hugo Boss Watches, to share that this arm candy accessory that is the only element you need to add to your Sartorial attire. Being on time with HUGO BOSS Orange Watches adds to the stylish urban chic element to your schedule keeping. Whether you have a laid-back lifestyle or the complete mobility mood to travel. Ladies love a masculine leader, being on top of your game and taking control with planning. When I personally look for a Fashitect’s must have, it has to be captivating, refreshingly spontaneous and my passion for design must represent my individuality. With all of this in mind, you can express your personal lifestyle and most importantly reach for success.  http://www.bosswatches.co.uk  In partnership with BOSS Orange Watches.  Edition 1/3
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 Photos by Sarah Mikaela