October 5, 2014

Royal Albert Memorial

By Toni Tran In Lookbook, United Kingdom
[Guerino Single Monk Strap Boots] Reiss AW [Suit] Fashitect's Bespoke Collection [Short Sleeve Shirt] Yves Saint Laurent [Briefcase] Louis Vuitton
If you probably thinking, what my day to day involves besides Instagram by day and blogging by night. At the moment in time, packing and stress is in my mind. It's pretty hectic planning if you ask me, if 3 countries in my mind can't be enough, here I am blogging away, squeezing in another editorial shot at Royal Albert Memorial aka the Burberry Fashion Week Hotspot for celebrities, paparazzi's and tourists. Grand, intricate and rather reminiscent of my Fashitect's Bespoke suit, with matched golden painted detailing. The tanned orange single monk straps aka Reiss Guerino Boots from the AW collection, are definitely made for walking which will not fail on my travels. My current October/November Itinerary relies on packing for 2-3 different continents around the world, which means I won't be in London for a while (glad to not be in this cold, but am sad to leave my wardrobe). Sacrificing for a a few luggages, yes I am excited, but fashionably stressed. Planning my wardrobe with the variation of different weather predictions have me wondering 'what to wear every day for the next month and a half'. I will not tell you where specifically I will be going, as I want you to follow my experience and visuals on Instagram as well as I will spend my blogging memories abroad. Will there be enough sun by the beach or winter coat layering with suits, one thing I have planned is the amount of hairspray I will need! I guess I will sleep on that. 
Location: Royal Albert Memorial  
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Photos by Palm