October 24, 2014

Flower Power with Marc Jacobs

By Toni Tran In Lookbook, NYC, Travel
BOTANICAL GARDENS, NORFOLK VIRGINIA, USA Rose are red, Violets are blue... ok you get the riddle. Refreshingly fragrant, natural and therapeutic, everybody has a feminine side, even if your the romantic masculine who likes to buy their partners flowers. Surrounded by beautiful acres of greenery, like the Botanical Gardens in Norfolk Virginia, I had somehow jumped from Italy to America in a day like I had transportation powers in a click of a finger. Besides being overdosed by off duty fragrances at the airport to the natural flowers in the park, the sun is always shining in Autumn. It's great to escape the reality of skyscrapers and Architecture, where your body immediate wants to be active, jumping & skipping in these environments because no body is around. If it's one essential you'll see me carrying these days, is my new designer Marc Jacobs Frames. For the latest designer destination for eyewear, visit www.smartbuyglasses.co.uk 
[Glasses] Marc Jacobs- Smart Buy Glasses [Socks] Cnyttan [Blazer] Next Official [Shirt] Dolce & Gabbana [Tie, Pocket Sq, Scarf & Shoes] Reiss Accessories 
As it is Autumn Winter, were preparing ourselves for the black on black. Stop right there. I am not waiting for another 6 months until I can wear colour. Burgundy is the new black in my case. Accessorised with the same colour palette, keeping it subtle and coordinated, you are sure to be standing out amongst the Sartorial gentleman. The key to styling this assemble is matching discrete prints like houndstooth in the tie and trousers, nicely coordinated with Reiss Accessories. Limit yourself to colour combinations that pairs together in a suit to make it an attire.    Follow me on Instagram Twitter Facebook  
Photos by Lizzi London