October 18, 2014

Travel to Le Marche Region

By Toni Tran In Italy, Travel
LE MARCHE REGION, SIROLO, ITALY So Italy made me think twice. Besides my conclusion of Italian Mafia's, Pasta/ Pizza & designer clothing, there is much much more to experience. What makes Italian cultural? Besides the Romanesque, renaissance style Architecture, it was definitely an adventure to discover. It's a place of history, art culture and new discoveries around each traditional corner. My 17 hours of touring four towns, was super exhausting jam packed with information about every Cathedral, monument and place. Starting the morning was a small hike in the mountains, overlooking the cliffs and travelling to every corner of Portonovo Italy. It was pretty much a fitness test, climbing steep steps through the woods, especially as I was wearing a smart Dolce & Gabbana shirt. I've highlighted the key moments that will be in my memory bank for life, as I am glad to be apart of the Le Marche Tour (credits to the Tour Guide for knowing all the information) I believed every word. From dates to facts, to people's names that was only 5 euros for a 1-2 hour tour. Priceless! It shows the passion and value of Italy is not just money, it is sharing the culture beyond with the people and the world. 
RISTORANTE LA TORRE AT NUMANA BEACH  Ok, I may have had booked the whole of Ristorante La Torre Restaurant to myself. Just kidding! Arriving promptly or let's say my stomach was eager for food before lunch hour, the reserved table awaits our arrival. What I like to call, super early to avoid people photo bombing, the whole restaurant was buzzing with Italian Mafias. Pretty high class as everyone dressed like they were the Dolce & Gabbana family in the 2010 group photo editorial. The white local wine was flowing like water, so much so like the ripples of aqua seas and views overlooking the Port. Situated on the mountain top, the gleaming sunshine was just beyond magical, I had to blink twice or maybe a few times. I had finally seen this crystal clear sea for myself, besides googling for images. I can tell you there is no filter or saturation changes on these photos!  BASILICA S.CASA DI LORETO There are somethings in life that leave you speechless. Words can't describe what I experienced in the Basilica della Santa Casa, it was literally out of this world. The Catholic place of pilgrimage in Loreto, Italy, contained the house of which the Virgin Mary lived. For what I could capture, besides the No photography sign, I am grateful to have captured this memory in my own eyes. You respect man kind in these places, and it's a reason why it is very popular for international tourists to visit. It felt so powerful and grand, the Gothic Architecture was honestly the most beautiful Cathedral I have seen in the world. This I would like to place a bet on. 
Thanks to Le Marche Region Tourism for being a part of the experience in Portonovo, Italy. Follow the hashtag #destinazionemarche & #IlikeMarche for other snaps! 
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