September 1, 2014

[Travel] Spain with Orlebar Brown

By Toni Tran In Holiday, Lookbook

Last minute escapes to Marbella Spain, waking up to a new destination and discovering that you woke up on the beach. The relaxation quality outdoor time, without the need of schedules, time or stress (apart from the packing, taxi's & hotel managing). From hotdog legs to the occasional selfies whilst holding a cocktail, spamming the feed with holiday scenery; we have all done it. Leaving the 9-5pm hours for a better lifestyle, absorbing the sunlight and roasting ourselves like Chicken. The reality is, it all becomes a flash back dream when your like me, working through thousands of photos that you've snapped on your trip. Visually, the seaside atmosphere was just one you have to experience, matched accordingly to Orlebar Brown's designer swimwear range. The photographic memories captured in the clothing connotates the infectious holiday vibes, so you are never too short of looking forward to your next escape. I was sure to never be out of place, infected with colour, patterns and bikini's galore, or let's say keeping it natural.

[Clothes] Orlebar Brown [Linen Beige Towel] Frescobol Carioca [Beach Bag] Accessoryo [Gladiator Sandals] Russel & Bromley
Location: Marbella Spain
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Photos by Kim