September 17, 2014

[Technology] London Fashion Week with ASAP54

By Toni Tran In Lifestyle, Technology

[Belt] Viltan London Snake Skin [Watch] Citizen Watch- Drive Collection [Bag] Coach Menswear [Jacket] All saints Bikers
''How would you sum up your experience of London Fashion Week? A showcase''. I definitely agreed with a fellow blogger. The place where designers present their hard work, for effectively the press, editors, buyers and for good marketing research for next season's trends. Everyone loves to capture visuals, street style photographers and camera snappers recording instant media. Whether it's for social media or inspiration, the new app Asap54 allows you to monetise your personal favourite items. With various of brands, the app searches relatively similar items at the click of instant snap and upload, finding the affordable equivalent online. Whether your adding your photos to your wish list or finding a particular of clothing, the search engine is filtered to find the nearest selection based on colour, patterns and style. I personally got inspired by creative people at fashion week, and even Architecture, I began snapping everything, you'd be surprised to see your outcome. Whether it is the food your eating, or a marble flooring, the options are endless. Perhaps you saw an item online or on a celebrity, that you wish you could wear and shop, then this App is for you. Simply download the free app & if you want you can follow me @fashitect to check my daily snaps. 

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Photos by Sarah Mikaela