August 4, 2014

[Lifestyle] #fattitect photography tips

By Toni Tran In Lifestyle
If I was a chef/waitress, you'd probably get the slowest service. I would perhaps complain about my seating, because it's not near the natural window lighting. After being cornered in the artificial humid yellow lighting which no body likes to photograph in, (that harsh vertical ceiling lighting that see's your arm shadow hovering your plate). I'd spend more time looking at the menu deciding what would be most photographic, rather than if I was more hungry about filling my stomach. Assembling my plates and styling my food that is if I was the chef preparing the dish, it would perhaps be getting to room temperature by the time I end with photography. It's far easier styling food than it is, waking up ready with new clothes because there is far more ingredients in my fridge than my wardrobe. Disguised by your food temptation that is HUNGRY HOUR, it's perhaps to late once you've read half of this Article. On behalf of all foodgrammers, it's ok to take snaps from Ariel view and even if you stand on your chair (which I clearly do) getting your money shot is all that counts. It's a ritual, photos before food documentation the beauty that is soon digesting in your stomach for no body to see. If you've been following the Instagram a while back, I shared #FATTITECT on a repetitive streak. If your a food lover, I'd love to hear your story & approach to restaurants or if your a home snacker like myself. 

Here are my key tips to food photography: 

1.Good lighting (window is best) say no to Artificial lighting/dark rooms
2. Menu choices, photographic food is always on my menu
3. Assembling your plates before the photo snapping
4. Avoid everyone in the restaurant, just get your photo no matter what it takes.
5. Bon apetite! Now you can appreciate my food photos and the effort before eating.

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