June 19, 2014

[Lifestyle] Lancaster London

By Toni Tran In Holiday, Hotels

[Shirt] TM Lewin [Suit] Bespoke Fashitect's Collection [Shoes] Russell & Bromley [Briefcase] Louis Vuitton [Luggage] Tumi Travel [Frames] Linda Farrow 

Pack your luggage the night before and wiz yourself a few miles closer into the Zone 1 centre of London. Ready for a 3 days of fashion mania LCM that is if your following my Instagram. The Lancaster London 4* Hotel interior was grand with paisley patterned flooring just like my bespoke suit. I wish I had taken advantage of the gym, but I only packed suits and ties. It's a tough life fitting everything into my schedule, making sure I woke up groomed, eyes wide opened for an 7am call time for breakfast buffet, then straight off to backstage for 8, for the early 9am runway show. Limping back onto the train for a meeting with my photographer to shoot before the deadline checkout of 12. So much to squeeze in. ''Are you a celebrity'' as the staff checks the mini bar. haha I laughed '' No, why do you say that?'' ''Oh it's because I saw you dressed in great clothes, shooting downstairs and now you changed clothes to check out.'' Glad to have the comfortable bed on the 18th floor over looking the city London skyline that night, with the desk space having such a great view. Arranging clothes is a hard call, checking your laptop emails, working the social media between appointments and making sure your battery didn't die by 10am was on everyones nightmare list. Just keep calm and have a glass of wine in a bubble bath to relax, for the next day to turn into the same 6am call time cycle.  

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Photos by AlicePoint