June 14, 2014

[Grooming] Toni meet Toni & Guy

By Toni Tran In Grooming
Toni for Toni & Guy during Fashion Week SS15 LCM 
Let's recreate my weekly/everyday routine. We all don't literally wake up perfect, 'I woke up like this...'. My electrocuted bed hair, conditioned and flat, the behind the scenes you don't really get to see, time to turn up the volume! Add LABEL M. foundation to create my so called sculptural 'beehive, wig or sleek amy winehouse' hairstyle, some of the random nicknames that describe the hair doo. My weekly clipper shave & rapid back combing, calls for a high maintenance finish with a whole load of hairspray, enough to cause Britain to fog in the mornings. Toni & guy and Label M indeed do have a professional range of hair styling products, it's my menswear grooming essential I take everywhere with me. Remember always be camera ready. I will be backstage with Toni & Guy this season for a few shows during LCM SS15. 

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