May 8, 2014

[Lifestyle] Prom ready

By Toni Tran In Holiday, Hotels

[Shoes] Dolce Gabbana [Suit] Next SS14 Prom Green Skinny Suit [Watch] Zodiac [Shirt[ Dolce Gabanna [Tie] Topman [Suitcase] Tumi [Hat] Accessoryo  

Shall we say Prom is the pre-wedding to all relationships? Sharply dressed like a groom paired with your prom queen to be, that is if you got asked to go as a couple. Where as what I remember, we (the whole class of 2008) last year of secondary school that was, all met up at the mansion venue. Fairly posh if you ask me, until they popped open the fizzy drinks (yes the prom age restricted alcohol) for legal reasons, I wonder why at 16? Besides that, when selfies were non existence, as we queued up for the photographers photoshoot. Dapper or not, the semi-formal dressed occasion has your problem solved, with the Next's Prom range. Fear not for the 2014 generation about to celebrate with tuxedos to slick black suits, there is a style for everyone. Let's face it guys, we all want to dress dapper, be groomed and stylish as much as the girls like to wack on some makeup before they head out. Spray that designer fragrance your parents got for you last christmas and whip out a nice clean shirt. Celebrate your end of year or at least the end of your secondary school with your class mates you grew up with. Especially as you will be dapper than ever, this moment will indeed be a flashback to not regret. 

 Location: Rosewood Hotel, Holborn. London

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Photo's by Alicepoint