April 26, 2014

[Technology] Tea Time with Shopcade

By Toni Tran In Lifestyle, Technology

Shop my Sartorial meets festival glamping look here: https://www.shopcade.com/tonitran
[Hat] Accessoryo [Folio] Holdall & Co [Suit] Zara [Tanned Monkstraps] Russell & Bromley [Sunglasses] Riverisland [Camera Lens] SonyQX10 [Watch] Zodiac [Opticals] London Retro 
Well what can I say about Coffee shops, communal welcoming places to catch up on life and even connect to free wifi, (it's honestly bloggers best location to work). We all know shopping makes us happy, whether its through instant online access, or a stroll for inspiration. I discovered this new Personalized Shopping App. Shopcade, the home of shopping and perhaps the arcade of various shopping categories, food, fashion, beauty, tech (the list goes on). Whilst you have time to rehydrate over a cup of English tea and banoffee cupcake, I will warn you, this app can get addictive. If its an item online that makes me say OH MY GOD! Than, it is sure to be an amazing, new innovative item that I would immediate need in my 'want list'. My sartorial meets festival glamping attire can be purchased with discount deals, your bound to like something to add to your 'wish list, want list, buy list'. Shopcade (Personalised Shopping App) Contiki (Travel Agency) and myself have teamed up to share with you fashion/shopping tips. Follow me @ToniTran by simply downloading the free app.  

Location: Muriel's Kitchen Soho 

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Photo's by Alicepoint