April 1, 2014

[Lifestyle] Stephen Einhorn’s Jewellery Workshop

By Toni Tran In Lifestyle
Behind every girl's best friend CRYSTALS of course, theres a 'once upon a time' proposal before the jewellery make's you feel head over heels. Not to say guy's can't wear bling chains, ring's, bracelets, handcuffs too! Whether its silver, gold, engraved oak from 63bc-186bc, the art of dedication and hand's craftsmanship is indeed the true beauty you can value for life. Made in the workshop inside the London store, we can cherish the British heritage that makes Stephen Einhorn an iconic jewellery designer. We got to experience the ethic of the brand, from 3 dimensional drawings, to 3D printing & caught in the action of seeing gems that literally is breath taking through the microscope. I'd recommend going over to their website for more information & to check out the amazing made to measure jewellery. It was truly an amazing experience to see the design process come to life.   
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